How data products were created

Data Product Levels

Data products are processed at various levels ranging from Level 0 to Level 4. Level 0 products are raw data at full instrument resolution. At higher levels, the data are converted into more useful parameters and formats. These are derived from NASA1 and NEON2

Level Description
0 Reconstructed, unprocessed, full resolution instrument data; artifacts and duplicates removed.
1a Level 0 plus time-referenced and annotated with calibration coefficients and georeferencing parameters (level 0 is fully recoverable from level 1a data).
1b Level 1a processed to sensor units (level 0 not recoverable)
2 Derived variables (e. g., NDVI, height, fluorescence) at the level 1 resolution.
3 Level 2 mapped to uniform grid, missing points gap filled; overlapping images combined
4 'phenotypes' derived variables associated with a particular plant or genotype rather than a spatial location

1 Earth Observing System Data Processing Levels, NASA
2 National Ecological Observatory Network Data Processing

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