Data Standards Committee

The Standards Committee is responsible for defining and advising the development of data products and access protocols for the ARPA-E TERRA program. The committee consists of twelve core participants: one representative from each of the six funded projects and six independent experts. The committee will meet virtually each month and in person each year to discuss, develop, and revise data products, interfaces, and computing infrastructure.

Roles and responsibilities

TERRA Project Standards Committee representatives are expected to represent the interests of their TERRA team, their research community, and the institutions for which they work. External participants were chosen to represent specific areas of expertise and will provide feedback and guidance to help make the TERRA platform interoperable with existing and emerging sensing, informatics, and computing platforms.

Specific duties

  • Participate in monthly to quarterly teleconferences with the committee.
  • Provide expert advice.
  • Provide feedback from other intersted parties.
  • Participate in, or send delegate to, annual two-day workshops.

Annual Meetings

If we can efficiently agree on and adopt conventions, we will have more flexibility to use these workshops to train researchers, remove obstacles, and identify opportunities. This will be an opportunity for researchers to work with developers at NCSA and from the broader TERRA informatics and computing teams to identify what works, prioritize features, and move forward on research questions that require advanced computing.

Project Timeline

  • August 2015: Establish committee, form a data plan
  • January 2016: v0 file standards
  • January 2017: v1 file standards, sample data sets
  • January 2018: mock data cube generator, standardized data products, simulated data
  • January 2019: standardized data products, simulated data

Data Standards Participants

  • TERRA Project Representatives (6)
  • ARPA-E Program Representatives (2)
  • Board of External Advisors (6)

(numbers in parentheses are targets, for which we have funding)


Name Institution Email
David Lee ARPA-E
David LeBauer UIUC / NCSA
TERRA Project Representatives
Paul Bartlett Near Earth Autonomy
Melba Crawford Purdue
Mike Gore Cornell
Matt Colgan Blue River
Christer Janssen Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Barnabas Poczos Carnegie Mellon
Alex Thomasson Texas A&M University
External Advisors
Cheryl Porter ICASA / AgMIP / USDA
Shawn Serbin Brookhaven National Lab
Shelly Petroy NEON
Christine Laney NEON
Carolyn J. Lawrence-Dill Iowa State
Eric Lyons University of Arizona / iPlant

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