Environmental conditions data

Environment conditions data is collected using the Vaisala CO2, Thies Clima weather sensors as well as lightning, irrigation, and weather data collected at the Maricopa site.

Data access

Data is available via Clowder and Globus:

  • Clowder:

    • co2sensor (Viasala CO2)
    • EnvironmentalLogger (Thies Clima)
    • irrigation, lightning and weather collections (MAC Weather Station)
  • Globus:

    • /ua-mac/raw_data/co2sensor
    • /ua-mac/raw_data/EnvironmentLogger
    • /ua-mac/raw_data/irrigation
    • /ua-mac/raw_data/lightning
    • /ua-mac/raw_data/weather
  • Sensor information:

Computational pipeline

Environmental Logger

  • Description: EnvironmentalLogger raw files are converted to netCDF.
  • Output: /ua-mac/Level_1/EnvironmentLogger

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